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Hello again! Whew, it's pouring outside as I write this. Somehow I always find a distinct comfort in rainy, gray days... :) 

On to blogging:  So, I've noticed that "Electric" eyeshadow colors are SO IN right now, ever since the Urban Decay Electric palette came out this Spring, which compelled me to give the trend a go.  I reached inside my makeup kit to find the brightest color I already owned (so I wouldn't have to purchase the new UD palette haha) in my Makeup Kit and only found that the brightest I have is my Bobbi Brown BLUSH in Pale Pink (sounds not so bright, but it is, I promise). So, I put on my usual daily makeup (which almost always includes a finishing touch of red lipstick...I have a problem) and then instead of leaving my matted neutral eye* as is, I swept across the middle of my lower eyelid the BB Pale Pink blush and it looked terrific! THEN, I got really into my blush application and after I applied my red lip, I placed the same blush in the middle of my upper and lower lip as a highlighter (apply a bit of clear gloss after). Using the blush on the eyes and lips really brightened my face up and made my usual look turn into a whole new lovely Spring glam look. Even my husband (IG: @doppiotheband)  noticed the change and loved the look!

So, I challenge you all to go further with your blush by utilizing it as an eyeshadow AND a lip highlighter - let me know what you think!! 

Love to you all!   Happy Wednesday!!

 *Lower lid: off white & beige eyeshadow; Crease: light & medium brown eyeshadow

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