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EYEBROWS, Step-By-Step


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Welcome back to IzzybMakeup's Blog! A few people have asked me to do a blog on how I do my eyebrows so I'm going to do a very short step-by-step tutorial...

  1. GROOM. Pluck strays then comb your eyebrow hairs down, give the overgrown hairs a trim so they look neat and repeat, combing them upward.
  2. STYLE. Comb your eyebrows downward to find your natural arch. 
  3. FILL*. I fill in the natural arches first (you can fill them slightly above if you like) and then, using the remaining shadow left on the brush, start filling inward towards the head of the brow. I stop filling in once I'm right above my tear duct. For the eyebrow tail, I won't go any further than the outer corner of my eye. Try not to use too much product or they will look too dark and unnatural. *I use Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Saddle to fill and an eyebrow brush, e.l.f.'s Studio Small Angled Brush, to apply.
  4. SET. Take an eyebrow wand and spray it with long lasting hairspray and comb it through the brows to set them. OR use your favorite eyebrow wax. 
  5. DONE.