A Blog About Makeup and Beyond by Brittany Elizabeth Cretella 

First Post! Just a little hello ;)

Hello, hello! What an adventure and treasure it is to be pursuing my lifelong passion: the art of MAKEUP! And what fun to blog about it! 

It's one thing to put makeup on yourself, but it's a completely different task to put it on someone else. Every person has a unique look to them in which you can play with by enhancing, minimizing, etc. The different ways are first and foremost, The Basics: the different   types of skin (referring to the skin's surface: oily? dry? combination?) and then placing the correct products to the face. Also, the different shapes of the face (heart? oval? round? long?), different noses, eyes, eyebrows…the list goes on - what I'm trying to get at is: MY PASSION is pursuing YOU. (haha) Knowing and perfecting everyone's unique look. The best feeling in the world to me is when a client looks in the mirror, after completing her makeup, and she stares in awe of herself. So…..with that, below I will leave you with my "Skin Basics" (can't give ALL my secrets away in my first blog ha)! Hope everyone is having a beautiful Monday XX

THE SKIN BASICS {My go-to's for clients} 

Basic Moisturizer: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream or Enriched Face Base

Basic Foundation: RCMA Foundation Palette in "VK" 10 & 11

Basic Contour: RCMA Face Contour & RCMA Blush Palette 

Basic Highlighter: MAC Cosmetics Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder