Sips, Tricks & Makeup Tips


One of the services that I love to do are personalized group lessons. Group lessons start at 4 people and can go up to 8 at $50/person. I have different types of lessons that groups request. Please see below for all the details!



"Sips, Tricks & makeup Tips" with Izzy B Makeup:

 have your girlfriends over for cocktails and makeup lessons!

Lesson Option 1: How to apply everyday makeup flawlessly. How to contour/sculpt your face. Where to apply blush correctly. Focus on Brows.  (I can provide makeup tools at a cost of $20 additional charge per person).. 

Lesson Option 2: Individual Group Consultations. First I look at  your current collection of makeup and consult you on whether you are using the right type of makeup in color, texture and whether it's age appropriate. I will work with each person in the group individually for 20 minutes speaking on colors, foundations and eye shape. 

More details:

For each lesson, as I'm teaching, each person is applying makeup to their own face. I help as we go along to correct and personalize application, answer questions you may have and also help with you personalized tips specific for you.