Sips, Tricks & Makeup Tips


One of the services that I love to do are personalized group lessons. Group lessons start at 4 people and can go up to 8 at $50/person. I have different types of lessons that groups request. Please see below for all the details! 



"Sips, Tricks & makeup Tips" with Izzy B Makeup:

 have your girlfriends over for cocktails and makeup lessons!

Lesson 1 ) How to contour/sculpt your face. Where to apply blush correctly. Focus on Brows.  (I can provide makeup tools at a cost of $20 additional charge per person)

Lesson 2) How to apply everyday makeup flawlessly. 

Lesson 3) How to emphasize and hide features on your face with makeup.(example: make lips look plump, eyes bigger or smaller, jaw line more defined, cheek bones more enhanced). 

Lesson 4) Individual Group Consultations. First I look at  your current collection of makeup and consult you on whether you are using the right type of makeup in color, texture and whether it's age appropriate. I will work with each person in the group individually for 20 minutes speaking on colors, foundations and eye shape. 


Fine details:

For each lesson, as I'm teaching, each person is applying makeup to their own face. As a teacher would, I help as we go along to correct and personalize application, answer questions you may have and also help with you personalized tips specific for you. Depending on the lesson you choose, I provide the tools that the ladies may take away with them.